21. You are checking people out at the cash register. An impatient customer jumps ahead of several customers already waiting in line. What would you do? *
Ask the customers that were next in line if they mind the impatient customer going next
Settle this sale fast to keep the other customers quiet
Politely tell the impatient customer to wait their turn
Pretend to not notice what happened to avoid a scene
I don’t know
22. How comfortable are you working without close supervision? *
Very comfortable
Neither comfortable nor uncomfortable
Very uncomfortable
23. How important is it to you to have a good relationship with the customers? *
Very important
Somewhat important
Very unimportant
24. What do you do when someone is being critical of you or your work? *
I usually don’t consider what other people say
I listen, then give my point of view
I always make the changes people suggest
I will consider what other people say and decide what is best for me
People are never critical of me or my work
25. My friends would describe me as an optimist. *
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
26. What would others say about how hard you work? *
Works much harder than others
Works harder than others
Works as hard as others
Works less than others
Works much less than others
27. A customer tells you they “must have” an item in a certain style. You are out of the style the customer wants. What would you do? *
Tell the customer you are sorry
Tell the customer you will call other stores
Tell the customer to check again next week
Tell the customer not to be disappointed you have other colors
I don’t know
28. How do you keep yourself organized *
Planner- daily, weekly, monthly
To-do lists
Note pad
29. How important is it to you to get along with your co-workers? *
Very important
Somewhat important
Very unimportant
30. Compared to your fellow students or co-workers, how quickly do you learn? *
Much faster
A little bit faster
At about the same pace
A little bit slower
Much slower
* Required Field