31. What would others say about the quality of your work? *
Much more error free than others
More error free than others
About the same as others
Needs to have others cross-check work for accuracy
32. You are working as a customer service representative. How do you make customers feel important? *
Give them my full and undivided attention
Make eye contact and smile
Make conversation with them
Answer their questions promptly
Making the customer feel important is not a priority for me
33. You are aware that another co-worker is having severe financial problems. She is a single parent and you saw her take some supplies for her child from the extra inventory. What do you think you should do? *
Mention the problem to your supervisor
Contact Human Resources
Nothing, mind your own business
Loan her some money
Ask co-workers to take up a donation
34. Over a year’s time, how often is it acceptable for a person to be late for work? *
Once or twice
Up to five times
About once a month
As many times as he or she needs to
35. Suppose you discovered that you were paid for an extra three hours on your paycheck. Would you point out the error even though you knew the error would not be caught? *
36. Your job is at checkout and you have some time where you are not busy. What would you do? *
Take a small break
Talk with a friend
Stand around and do nothing
Find someone who can use your help
Ask a manager what to do
37. How will you describe your level of self-confidence? *
Much more confident than others
More confident than others
About the same as others

Less confident than others
Much less confident than others

38. One of your friends at work is complaining about a task given to him by his supervisor. He thinks the task is beneath him and he has decided to refuse to do it. What would you do? *
Explain to your friend that no task is beneath him because everyone performs all tasks
Do the assignment for your friend this time
Nothing, let your friend’s supervisor deal with it
Offer to trade; you will do this assignment for him if he will do one of yours for you
Tell the supervisor
39. How good would your co-workers or friends say is your ability to win the trust of others? *
Excellent in winning the trust of others
Usually wins the trust of others
Winning the trust of others depends upon the situation
Has some difficulty winning the trust of others
Has a very hard time gaining the trust of others
40. If you are hired, how long do you anticipate staying with this company? *
Less than 3 months
Between 3 months and 1 year
Between 1 and 2 years
Between 2 and 3 years
More than 3 years
* Required Field