Equipped with Microsoft Office 2013 package. Internet access, resume and cover letter writing software (See Winway Resume; below), Mavis Beacon Typing Tutor, access to Internet job searching, online skills assessment tools, and educational opportunities. Your computer will be monitored by a staff member to ensure you are visiting appropriate websites. We ask that you honor our 2-hour maximum use policy.


For sending job related applications, resumes, unemployment claims, etc. This machine does not receive faxes. If you need to receive a fax, please see a Walk in Career Counselor for assistance.


There are two phones in the Resource Center. You will need to dial “8” before the phone number. Job related long distance phone calls are allowed, but a Resource Center Staff Member will need to enter a confidential code. Please be considerate of others when using the phone.


For copying jobs, resumes, letters, useful information and more, please see the Resource Center Staff Member for assistance.


All of the computers in the Resource Center are connected to the same printer. Please make sure when you pick up your printed materials, that they are yours. Please also be aware of how many pages you are printing. We do supply paper, but you are welcome to bring in your own if you want your resume printed on special paper. Please notify the Resource Center Staff Member so he/she can make an announcement to the room to avoid others from printing on your paper.


This resume writing software program is on all of the computers in the Resource Center. Please be aware that resumes should be exported to Microsoft Word when finished (a five second process), or they will not be readable when trying to open on a computer that does not have WinWay Resume. Don’t forget to save on your or flash drive or upload to your email!


This list is updated daily and contains recent regional jobs that are listed specifically through the MassHire Holyoke/Springfield Career Centers. Note: Unless an employer notifies us that a job has been filled, we are under the assumption that it is open. Jobs are open for 30 days by default.


These are jobs that we think our Job Seeking Customers will find interesting or an employer wants to highlight because of an immediate need. You are welcome to photocopy any of these jobs, but please return them back to the board.


For exploring local colleges and training centers – on the shelves in the hallway.


We are available to answer questions and provide basic technological support. If you are not familiar with computers, please sign up for an introductory computer class before using the computers. Resource Center Staff can only provide limited instruction..

Our staff is pleased to assist you with your job search. Whether your job search is self-guided or assisted, we have many resources available for your use. We rely on funding to keep these resources updated and functional. If you found any of the Resource Center features helpful during your job search, please let us know when you find a job!

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