11. Your job is on the cash register at the check-out counter. There is a very long line and customers are waiting more than 10 minutes to have their purchases rung up. How do you respond? *
Work as quickly as I can to get people through the line
Work at normal pace to avoid making mistakes
Suggest that people go to another section where there is an open register
Apologize to customers for the long wait
I don’t know
12. What do you think should be the number one priority of this company? *
Following guidelines set by corporate headquarters
Taking care of the employees
Providing high quality products and services
Being efficient and speedy
Taking time to treat customers individually
13. How would you describe your sense of humor?
Sometimes people misunderstand my sense of humor.
I can joke around with most anyone.
I only show my sense of humor to close friends.
I don’t have much of a sense of humor.
14. How frequently do your co-workers or classmates ask you for help? *
15. When you are working on school or work assignments, how would others rate your ability to get them completed? *
Everything is accomplished
Most things get accomplished
Some things are accomplished incorrectly
Most things are undone or incorrect
Nothing ever gets completed
16. If you took merchandise without paying for it, did you: *
Keep it
Return it

Throw it away
Never took anything

17. How frequently do you find erros that others could not? *
18. How well do you adapt to new circumstances? *
Much better than others
Better than others
About the same as others
Worse than others
Much worse than others
19. A co-worker approaches you and tells you she saw a supervisor steal something. What would you do? *
Tell the co-worker to stop playing detective
Approach the supervisor yourself
Do your own investigation
Tell security about the situation
Tell the co-worker to tell a supervisor about what she saw
20. How important is it to you to work quickly and efficiently? *
Very important
Somewhat important
Very unimportant
* Required Field