• Have your resume reviewed.
• Practice your self-introduction.
• Make sure your outfit is appropriate.
• Research which employers will attend the fair.
• Plan child care in advance if needed.
• Note who you would like to talk to and what positions they are hiring for.
• Sort employers so you know how to prioritize the day of the fair.

Review your Qualifications: 
• What are you good at?
• Why do you want this job?
• What sets you apart from the rest?

• Calling the employer.
• Being under prepared (Example: having no resume or the right proper attire).

• Arrive during the first half of the event. Why? Some employers leave early.
• Turn off your cell phone.
• Be polite to everyone. You never know who you are speaking to at the event.
• Remember, first impressions count.
• Look directly at people and maintain good eye contact.
• Repeat the recruiter’s (employer representative) name during the conversation.
• Ask recruiters for their business cards.
• Hand recruiters your resume.
• Take notes. Your notes will remind you of important information after the event.
• Maintain a professional demeanor.
• Ask intelligent and appropriate questions.
• Smile and shake hands with each new recruiter you approach.
• Act confident.

• Wearing jeans, club wear or flashy/noisy jewelry.
• Handing out ripped, crumpled or scribbled resumes.
• Exaggerating your skills, knowledge or experience.
• Asking employers, “Do you have any jobs?”
• Being intimidated.
• Showing up at the last hour with high expectations. Why? Some employers leave early.
• Talking negatively about former employers.
• “Dropping off” your resume. Guess where they’ll drop it next?!
• Chewing gum.
• Words like, “ummm” or, “ya know.”
• Monopolizing the recruiter’s time when others are waiting.
• Interrupting a recruiter’s conversation while someone is talking with them. Wait your turn.

• Follow up. Contact the recruiter by email, send your resume or submit an application online.

• Assuming the employer will call you. Be proactive and send an email, resume or complete an application online.
• Repeatedly contacting the recruiter.

• Does your company hire on a continual basis or at certain times of year?
• What entry-level positions exist within your organization?
• What percent of applicants are hired?
• What skills or experience do you require for the job?
• What is the hiring process and how long does it take?
• Is there career mobility at your company?

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