We offer many training and educational opportunities as well as assistance with your job search by offering workshops, materials, information, guidance, career counselors, community connections and other resources. You are required to be a registered member in order to utilize these services. How do you become a member?

Take your first step today by registering on MassHire JobQuest using the link below.

Then, you must attend either the Virtual Career Center Seminar via Zoom or the in-person Career Center Seminar which will give you an overview of the many services and resources that can be accessed here at the center. At the end of approximately two and a half hours you will become a new member. You then will be able to use our programs and services.

Once you have registered with MassHire JobQuest, you can use the Career Center Seminar SCHEDULE button within the JobQuest site to select a day and time to attend.  Make sure you select Holyoke Career Center.  We hold our Virtual Career Center Seminar via Zoom every Monday at 10 am.   Our in-person Career Center Seminar is held every Wednesday at 3 pm at our office at 850 High Street in Holyoke.

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What We Offer

Learn more about the remote services we offer below.

Career Counseling Services by Phone
Online Walk-In Career Counseling Service
Resume Review by Phone
WIOA In-Depth Career Counseling and Training Exploration by Phone
Consejeria de Carreras por Telefono
Servicios En Línea de Consejería de Carreras
Revision de su Resume por Telefono
Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Consejería de Carrera Intensiva y Exploración de Entrenamiento por Teléfono
Youth Services
Veteran Services
Disability Services

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