1. Which of the following would you consider one of your strengths? *
Persuading an audience to purchase something
Listening to others describe their problems
Following a logical sequence of events to solve a dilemma
Finding errors in work that others could not find
Relating to people you do not know
2. How comfortable are you working in a fast paced environment? *
Very comfortable
Neither comfortable nor uncomfortable
Very uncomfortable
3. In the past year, how many times have you taken on new responsibilities at home, work or school? *
Three times
Four or more times
4. How important is it for you to work without making any mistakes? *
Very important
Somewhat important
Very unimportant
5. You notice that there is only one customer in the store and another employee is helping him or her. What action would you most likely take? *
Wait for another customer to come in the store
Go see if the employee needs help with the customer
Go ask your supervisor what you should work on
Restock the depleted displays near the entrance
Go check on the progress toward meeting daily sales goals
6. How do you decide what to do first if you have a large number of tasks to complete at once? *
Organize the tasks by importance
Do the tasks in the order in which I received them
Ask my supervisor what I should do first
Ask a co-worker what I should do first
Feel thoroughly overwhelmed and not sure what to do
7. A customer has a copy of an ad calling for 20% off of a particular item. The ad is old and no longer valid. The customer is insistent. It would mean selling the item for $80 instead of $100. What would you do? *
Point out the expiration date to the customer
Honor the ad
Tell the customer you will call him if the item goes back on sale
Try to convince the customer to buy at the higher price
Call your supervisor
8. Would most people steal if they thought they wouldn�t get caught? *
I am not sure
Probably not
Definitely not
9. A customer is attempting to get you to do something that is against company rules. It will cost the company about $10. You tell her what the normal policy is and the customer gets very angry and threatens to tell all her friends about the bad service from your company. Your supervisor is unavailable. What would you do? *
Get help from another supervisor
Do what the customer wants
Ask the customer to calm down before you will help her
Politely explain that you cannot override the policy
Ask a co-worker for help
10. When attending social functions, how frequently do you introduce yourself to others? *
* Required Field