“My experience at MassHire Holyoke was a pleasurable and extremely beneficial to my career goals. In a very timely manner the staff at MassHire took me under their wing and set me up with long and short term goals in relation to my career. I was placed in a CNC training program that taught me the fundamentals of advanced manufacturing. Upon completion of the program I revived three job offers within the first two weeks. As an Air Force veteran I was unsure where my job quest would take me after being discharged. Thanks to MassHire Holyoke I am considerably more marketable in today’s competitive job market, and now happily work as a CNC machinist making a very respectable living. I am forever indebted to the staff at MassHire Holyoke.”

Kevin R. 7/9/2019

Rosa, Rob, and Luis,
One year ago the three of you helped me when I was at one of the lowest points in my life. I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done in keeping my spirits up and getting me back to work. Thank you!
Nathan 12/4/2017

“This has been an awesome experience for me. Donna is excellent and very knowledgeable. I applied for 4 positions by 10:00 am and by noontime I received 2 phone calls. I have two interviews within the next week. One of the positions pays over $50,000 annually and is in my field of work. I’m super excited and will use the interview skills I learned.”
Al 3/13/2017

“The people at CareerPoint in Holyoke are true professionals. They are helpful and care about people. They have a level of kindness that I see very rarely”.
-Anonymous 2/8/17

“Nothing but praise. I think the workshops are great thou didn’t go to as many as wanted to since I found a job but I believe they are all helpful. Great resources.”
-Karen W 1/3/2017

“Being a veteran I worked with Linda Candage. Always positive professional attitude. The kind of person who would be a valuable asset to any employer. Because of her extremely hard work on my behalf I have a good job and my life back.”
John S. 10/20/2016

“CareerPoint has been a blessing to me and to my knowledge in resume set ups and employment search and networking to find work. The resource room has been a great tool and power to finding work and leads to employment. I found 3 jobs thru Career Point resource room and computers. They were seasonal and was help to making ends meet. I am glad I just found one that may be of a true blessing to me and my future. I just was interviewed by Chicopee Parks and Recreation Dept., and the outcome is looking good. I am grateful for all the help and abilities to finding employment and a good future with the help of the services CareerPoint has to offer. Cindy was awesome in her help in setting up and helping with my resume to finding my dream job. Hector is very helpful and considerate with his helpful knowledge and experiences in this field. I am very thankful for CareerPoint in helping me and others to achieve your goals of finding a job and a good future. Thank you kindly CareerPoint for all you’ve done and continue to do for our community. It’s the place I recommend to anyone in need of help and will always tell is one of my steps to accomplishing my future dream job and good future. Your help and consideration is gratefully appreciated. Thank you!”
JVM 10/14/2016

“The entire staff at Careerpoint is definitely focused on succeeding in finding a job for all who attend their services. Kudos to all for their dedication. The center made my trying experience of a job search much more bearable. Thank you to the entire staff!”

I found working with the Career Point staff to be a very positive and motivating experience. All the assistance I was given helped my secure my new position. Many thanks to you all.
-Kathy D. 12/2015

I really appreciated the resume workshop I attended on Dec 31st. The suggestions and advice on the changes needed were extremely helpful. So many details on it was making my job search much harder than I realized.
-Mona R. 12/15

“Wow! I am so appreciative of all the hard work, effort and time Greg put into my resume. Thank you so much! I will likely edit the resume a bit from what he created, but overall, I think it looks fantastic and will stick closely to the format he set up. I really like the new layout he devised and as I hadn’t changed the format of my resume in two years, it’s great to see this new, clean, layout. I also appreciate the cover letter templates and references sheet. Again, thank you! I can see why he does what he does….he is very good at it!”
All best,
Lucy C. 9-3-15

A year ago, I came to Elizabeth kind of lost. I didn’t know where I was in life and felt very low. She got me to climb mountains and face things I didn’t have the courage to face. Nobody has been able to do that ever again. I thank here from the very soul of my heart. I pray this new career works out and this is a much better year.
Thank you so much and keep doing what you do best. Making people smile!
Deb P. 9/1/15

I was laid off a few years back, and was a customer of CareerPoint. I know from experience how wonderful you all are! Thank you for everything you do– we will continue to encourage our clients to utilize all that you provide.
Susan, Director, local agency 6/10/2015

“I would like to take the time to thank you for all your help already. Kate Smith was very informative and very helpful. The receptionists seem to have exceptional customer service and are also very helpful. Thanks for the help in changing and bettering a lot of people’s lives.”
Thank you so much!
Lindzy C. 6/4/2015

I’d like to take the time to thank you for all your help. Kate Smith was VERY informative and very helpful. The receptionists seem to have exceptional customer service and are also very helpful. Thanks for the help in changing and bettering a lot of people’s lives!
Thank you so much!
Lindzy C. 5/10/2015

CareerPoint of Holyoke was introduced to me in 2012 by a representative at a Chamber event. I made an appointment to meet with Yolanda to find out more about what this organization offers, what they do for the local community & what can they do for my company. The staff at CareerPoint are professional, enthusiastic and organized. I was honored to be able to participate in a few events that I was invited to. I am happy to say we were able to support/donate to the Youth Summer Job Program 2014, attend a Job Fair for our Veterans and was introduce with other staff members. The Job Fair was well organized, productive and resulting in positive results. It helped not only for the applicate it also help bring awareness to my business. With their help , I would like to build a future partnership to offer a whole wide range of resources for community growth and development. Looking forward in participating in other events/fairs/programs.
Jean Deschaine
Branch Manager, Berkshire Bank

“ParaTemps, Inc. is grateful to be associated with CareerPoint for the past several years. As a Legal and Corporate Staffing Service since 1990, we have also relied on CareerPoint to assist us in our search to obtain quality and professional candidates for our clients. We could not be more pleased when dealing with the Career Consultants at CareerPoint . They all possess a pleasant demeanor, are willing to go the extra mile, and follow through with each request. The Job Fairs that are conducted by CareerPoint are always well planned and well executed.
ParaTemps, Inc. has also referred candidates to CareerPoint whenever we determine that the candidate needs additional computer training or assistance in other areas. The feedback I receive from those candidates we have referred to CareerPoint is always positive. I look forward to a continuing relationship!”
Marge R. Fauteux, President

“Working with the team at CareerPoint in the last year has proven great success in our company’s mission to recruit, hire, and attract local area talent to our organization. Their service has always been excellent. Their understanding of our business needs and culture enables them to provide us with professional, honest and reliable applicants.”
Holly Sevene, On-Site Manager
Elite Logistic Services

I just want to say thank you to Marilyn for the great resume and the help you gave me while being un employed, I also want to let you know I got lucky The Cenveo Company who closed in Westfield opened up a plant in Chicopee has offered me full time employment 3 to 11 pm I start Monday full time in a new capacity of receiving clerk. I will be learning fork truck and roll truck. The pay is roughly 15.00 per hour with shift premium. I will also be trying to finish the certificate program in Enfield. Thank God for Career Point and people like you and Edda Johnson and the nice lady who does the unemployment at Holyoke location. Hopefully 7 more years of work and retire.
Thank you for your help and I guess this is my last report since I will be going back to work full time.
Jim, 2/12/2015

I finished my first week of computer software schooling. Everything went well. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help throughout this process.
There are so many things that go wrong when you are unemployed, but I am so appreciative for all the support and help I have received from you. All my experiences at Career Point have been great. I am so glad that we have you and center as a resource.
Tammy Cyr 6/4/2014

Hello Dear Career Point People: I just wanted to thank you for your support during 2013. I attended many workshops and all of them were well presented and provided helpful information. I am very pleased to tell you that I have found a job that I am very excited about and so my search is over. As I will be the Human Resources Manager at The Center for EcoTechnology!
Lisa D. 5/15/2014

Liz, Thank you so much, you have been an enormous help throughout my TRA experience, without your help I would be a mess! Thanks again for everything you have done! I graduate in a few weeks and I can’t wait! Take Care!
Maureen G. 5/15/2014

I am so grateful for all that was presented in the “Job Search Strategies for Mature Workers” workshop. I learned such valuable information, that I can take away with me and use to better my life. Elizabeth is awesome!
CareerPoint Customer 5/12/2014

“I have had the pleasure of working with the veteran’s representative, Linda Candage, for about a year. She has gone above and beyond to assist me with job search, resume writing, and the completion of a very involved TSA federal application. Linda is diligent, dedicated, and knowledgeable. If she does not know an answer to my question, she has the resources to provide an answer in a rapid manner. She follows through to completion, is detailed oriented, and is genuinely compassionate. She has put my mind at ease during major life changes that I’ve recently experienced, and has helped me through various challenges. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Linda for everything she has done for me. She is professional, “down to earth” and one of the most giving individuals that I have met. I look so forward to meeting with her as she provides a positive and uplifting atmosphere. She is an asset to the veterans at CareerPoint.”
Lori C. 4/2/2014

I had the pleasure of working with Darlene from January-March 2012 through the various workshops, TORQWORKS, and a one-on-one meeting to help me through a career transition (or what I like to call “what do I want to be when I grow up” all over again). She was helpful and encouraging during our one-on-one meeting and what I have now experienced is that it is possible to apply skills from a completely different career to some new.
Many thanks and kind regards,
Rick C. 3/18/2014

Nuestras Raices couldn’t be happier with the youth we employ through CareerPoint Youth Works!

“Friends of CareerPoint, I am writing to thank you for letting me use your facilities for my job search and my professional development. The computer classes helped me update my knowledge in Microsoft Word and Excel as well. I have been able to use the resource enter to apply and take the assessment necessary for the Math Tutor Position I have just acquire with Springfield Public Schools. Ms. Rosa Sanchez gave me the first Career Orientations I received since I moved from Puerto Rico to Massachusetts in 2013. I encourage other professionals like me to use the excellent resources CareerPoint has. I thank CareerPoint once again for your help and for blessing may family. I will you many blessings and success to all.
Miguel E. R, MBA 1/30/2014

“I have so much gratitude for the people I have met at CareerPoint. They have turned my attitude right around when the daunting task of looking for a job was getting me down. I am still searching, but I know the kind words and actions of my friends at CareerPoint will keep my spirits lifted as I continue on my quest. ”
Shannon B. -10/01/2013

“Burt has offered me the utmost support as I have been searching for my next career. He was a pleasure to speak with and has pointed me in very productive directions. His attitude is so positive, it is a bright spot in my day when I come into CareerPoint. ”
Shannon B. -10/01/2013

“A big Thank You to Elizabeth in helping me get my full time shuttle driving job. She worked very diligently on my cover letter. It was the clincher! Elizabeth is a true professional, and a wonderful person as well. ”
David P. – 10/1/2013

“I Attended the “Interviewing skills” workshop with Bud Delphin. It was the most useful class I had ever taken. Bud has a wealth of knowledge and I could tell right away that he had a firm grasp of the subject matter. After leaving the workshop, I felt more resolved about my job search. Thank you! ”
Paul G. -8/30/2013

“The “Job Search Strategies With Mature Workers” with Elizabeth was amazing in the quality and quantity of in-depth information and methodologies in an up-to-date search. I now feel like a soldier well equipped for battle! ”
Wendy G. -8/13/2013

“I would like to extend a huge “Thank you” to my counselor, Marilyn Maldonado. There are truly no words for how she has helped me get through one of the hardest moments I have ever endured. It is my pleasure to say that she is my inspiration. Her upbeat personality, along with her passion for her job, taught me that we can push through any experience and muster up all our strength to succeed in life. She was supportive of me as I continued in my studies. If it weren’t for this exceptional program, I don’t think I would have had the motivation to continue to greater things. Although the work load along with nearly being homeless, had made me feel stressed, Marilyn has always been able to help me turn that around and make me feel welcome and confident in my own abilities.
Thank you for my New Life.”
Stephanie R. -8/7/2013

“I wanted to take a moment to thank Linda Candage for her time and assistance. I appreciate her help with my resume and contacts to help me during my unemployment and work search. ”
Dave C. -7/18/2013


“CareerPoint has proven to be a successful tool in securing my future. Bob is very attentive with our needs to finding employment and makes it happen. Tom was highly kind enough to make time within his day to give me one-on-one with Excel. A tool and skill much needed to maintain my position at my newly employer. CareerPoint is not only a privilege, but an extreme benefit that I appreciate. Thank you! ”
Jasmen C. 6/29/2013


“CareerPoint always helps me with whatever it is I need to find jobs, Resume Etc. ”
Maria V. -06/26/2013


“I like to come to CareerPoint because it offers great learning classes. The instructors are very understanding and helpful. I love the programs they offer. ”
Katherine F -06/26/2013


“All of the workshops I have attended at CareerPoint, both Job search and computer have been excellent. The interaction through Job club was very motivational. ”
Paul Z. -6/26/2013


“CareerPoint is a supportive environment for connecting with other job seekers and honing my job search skills (keeping them current). ”
Mary K. -6/26/2013

“The atmosphere at CareerPoint is supportive after you’ve lost a job. It’s in a great location too! ”
Bonnie M. – 6/26/2013


“I feel supportive at CareerPoint and the staff is professional. Programs are well organized and worthwhile. ”
Michelle A. -6/26/2013


“Every time I walk through the doors at CareerPoint, the people who work there are welcoming and willing to help me with a smile. They have helped me through a very difficult time and continue to support me. Not matter the news I receive during an appointment, I leave CareerPoint with a positive attitude. Thank you! ”
Lisa Y. -6/26/2013

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